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There is porn and then there is Virtual Reality porn. It’s almost like night and day. Day is great and all, and you can’t really think of day without night, but they’re just different completely. Porn is great, but VR porn is on a completely different level. You’re not just watching the scene, you’re inside the scene. The girls are riding you, sucking you, going crazy all over your virtual cock. It’s fucking magical.

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I grew up in a very sheltered environment. I was taught that sex was the devil and masturbation would make my dick fall off. Well, after years of sneaking onto the internet and draining my cock twice a day, I realized my cock wasn’t going anywhere. Maybe sex wasn’t the devil after all! But I fucked this girl named Tanya and she gave me an STD, so now I’m still a bit confused about what I believe. I guess I’ll stick with porn until I do some more research on sex.

I found this discount for 83% off and now I’m going to be stuck in my room jerking off for the next few weeks. Why? Because they have over 6,500 videos in their collection and it’d be rude to not watch all of them. Those sluts logged a fuck-ton of hours sucking cock and getting fucked. The least I can do is see their work!

Devils Film is known for gonzo teen, MILF, tranny, and gangbang porn. Click that link and sign up so you can see for yourself that your dick won’t fall off!

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