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You had gotten divorced and after some time off you had gotten back in the dating game to discover to your delight that the MILF market is brimming with babes. You play the field for a while and have a lot of fun but then you get hooked by a woman so spectacularly right that you eventually marry her.

Her kids are all grown up and out of the house and her youngest, her 21 year old daughter who you had never met since she had been living a few states across with her apparently useless boyfriend, working part time, studying part time had just broken up with the loser and asked to come crash with you guys for a couple of weeks until she can get back on her feet.

It’s impossible for you to say no and when she arrives it’s clear that she is somehow even hotter than her mother and she has the hots for you. She’s walking around half naked in the house, especially when her mom is not around and flirting so blatantly that your balls are about to explode.

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I was so in the mood for super long Fake Taxi videos that I couldn’t wait to kick back and watch them all. I was that worked up for it I almost creamed in my pants thinking about it. I’m glad I didn’t have an accident like that as I’m not sure how I would look myself in the mirror if I let one out well before I started watching these hot reality sex videos.

I didn’t need to wait long to reach full satisfaction. I had to let it all out when I watched on in awe as this Thai slut gets banged in the Fake Taxi. Just look at her pierced pussy taking that British cock. You don’t need to guess if she is having the time of her life, not when her face is one that is screaming full pleasure. What a stunner she is and she also looks to be a freaking good lay as well, all I can do is wish that it was my cock pounding her deep!

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