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My goodness, what I would do to have a pretty and petite pet like this with those begging for attention puppy eyes around my house ’round about now… or any other time for that matter now that I think about it.

Isn’t she just gorgeous?

I just gave a quick though to what it might be that turns me on so much about Asian women when I realised in an instant that it is many things.

To name a few and see if some of you share the same attraction:

The perfect hair. It’s like every one of them can be shampoo advert models. And then there’s those little slanty eyes that make them look like dolls with their porcelain perfect smooth faces. I think mostly thought it is that they are so petite. Apparently I have a thing for smaller girls.

I was checking out this cool site with Asian porn in HD and thought I’d cast a line out to those who might enjoy it as much as I do.

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